Digital transmission and IT Center
General FAQ

The main location of the center is located in the north of Jeddah on the Jeddah-Asfan road, the General Administration building, the second floor.
For the site of the Center for Female Students Branch - University Branch B Sharafiya, Building 4, the second floor.

First, make sure that the keyboard language is English and also check letter case If you can not log in, you can contact the IT Helpdesk and Support Center Mail with the university number and national ID number required.

You can restore your password using the password recovery system Retrieve Password If you have trouble in retrieving your password through the system, you can email us at and explain your problem , with following info : triple name, university id, National Identification No ,then new password will be sent to the mobile number registered in the system

Academic Apps FAQ

To solve this problem, you can contact the Deanship of Admission and Registration e-mail

First, you should contact your technical support in your department, If he/she can not find a way to solve this problem. send an e-mail for Academic Applications Team in ITC With the need to describe the problem and send a pic of the problem screen .

Technical Support FAQ

1. Make a preview of the wireless network either from mobile or from a laptop or personal computer
2. A network will appear with name ( UJ-INTERNET) , which is specific to the university staff (faculty, staff, students)    
3. The method of linking will be by clicking on this network without any settings , then write the username and password of the user ,after that you will be access to the Internet.    

Financial & Managements FAQ

First, you must enter the leave data, then press Submit. The Attach requests screen will appear after you submit. Note: You must type an explanation for the file when you attach it.

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