Information Technology Center

Department of Operating and Servers


Implementing infrastructure projects for servers and operating systems, taking the necessary procedures for operating and maintaining them, protecting and preserving university data, establishing a system for periodic and emergency maintenance of computers and ensuring the continuity of their work.


• Coordinate with specialized companies to work on projects related to servers and operation.
• Make the necessary preparations for the main servers of the university buildings and branches to support the programs of the university network and full technical supervision.
• Full technical supervision of the protection programs of the university network and the servers that support and install on all computers connected to the network scope while continuing to monitor its effectiveness.
• Add personal computers and printers to the University domain, adjust their settings and follow the naming system with continuous updating of their database.
• Create device names and user codes for adding devices to the network domain and user codes for the computer lab.
• Make necessary updates to the University-wide network security program.
• Provide technical support to end users (hardware / software / networks).
• Make the necessary security updates for the operating systems of the added devices within the university network automatically.
• Follow-up and installation programs as needed.
• Provide the necessary technical support through electronic exams.
• Prepare and implement the annual plan of the department after its approval.
• Prepare periodic reports on the department's achievements and suggestions for its development.

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