Information Technology Center

Department of Networks


Providing the infrastructure and technology of the network inside the buildings and control all the network devices within the campus and branches and the provision of wireless network to all the buildings of the university and its branches and take necessary to operate and maintain.


• Coordinate with specialized companies to work on projects related to networks.
• Supervision of the implementation of infrastructure projects and networking in the main branch and all branches of the University.
• Distribution of wireless communication units in buildings to ensure the best coverage and ensure that they are added in control systems.
• Supervising, monitoring the video conference in the university buildings and branches.
• Providing technical support and solving daily network problems in all university buildings and branches.
• Provide maintenance for all university network points and buildings, as well as provide extensions if requested.
• Technical supervision of the installation and control of network dispensers (switches) according to the university network system.
• Supervising and providing technical support for all activities and events in the main branch of the university and branches in relation to the networks to ensure the progress of the educational process.
•Provide the necessary technical support during electronic exams .
• Provision of Internet access to users in cooperate with servers departments .
• Provision of Internet to users sharing the server partition.
• Use monitoring systems to monitor network components.
• Supervision of indoor cabins.
• Receive the transactions of the department and prepare the required responses.
• Contribute to the submission of proposals for the development of work within the department.
• Prepare and implement the annual plan of the department after its approval.
• Prepare periodic reports on the department's achievements and suggestions for its development.

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