Information Technology Center

Department of Information System


Development of information security policies and implementation of procedures , technical ,and procedural controls, which ensure their application through the technical solutions to information security, ensuring the continuity and integrity of the work of the information technology system at the University of Jeddah and protect the privacy of data and related information.


• Coordinate with specialized companies to work on projects related to Information security.
• Coordinate with other government agencies related to cybersecurity to avoid cyber-attacks.
• Develop the information security policies, controls and procedures associated with them and review them continuously.
• Supervise the application of the principles and standards of information security.
• Manage and assess risks arising from potential external and internal threats, and implement security solutions to avoid or overcome them and reduce their impact.
• Conducting tests on all systems to ensure information security.
• Review the user's authorizations for systems and applications continuously and ensure that the user is entitled to the powers granted.
• Prepare and implement the annual plan of the department after its approval.
• Increase users’ awareness of the importance of information security by preparing awareness announcements and events.
• Prepare periodic reports on the department's achievements and suggestions for its development.

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