Information Technology Center

Department of Academic Applications


Using the latest academic applications to ensure the advancement of the educational process at the University of Jeddah and facilitate the procedures. implementation and provide support for electronic services related to academic applications, cooperation and integration with the staff of various departments of the University to upgrade the educational system.


• Coordinate with specialized companies to work on projects related to Academic systems.
• Develop academic applications that serve faculty and students in the educational process.
• Provide workshops that enable users to make the best use of academic applications.
• Provide required support to system users.
• Support decision-making process by creating reports that allow users to easily query and obtain statistics.
• Documentation of academic applications and create user manuals.
• Integration with admission systems.
• Preparing the annual report of the department.
• Prepare and implement the annual plan of the department after its approval.
• Prepare periodic reports of the department's achievements and suggestions for its development.

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