Information Technology Center

Department of Financial and Management Applications


Developing financial, administrative and self-service systems to ensure the standardization of data and linking the university sectors electronically with governmental sectors to facilitate communication and transferring of accurate information to meet the requirements of different sectors of the university and society.


• Coordinate with specialized companies to work on projects related to financial and administrative systems.
• Development of administrative, financial, and self services by simplifying procedures that allow staff to access these services in a convenient manner in order to apply the strategic plans of the university.
• Development of the archiving system to control the huge number of documents and simplifying of store and retrieve them as soon as possible and to protect against loss and damage.
• Development of administrative and financial systems and follow-up of work processes using re-engineering procedures in line with the concept of self-service.
• Providing information, data and periodic reports that support and meet the requirements of the programs and sectors of the university according to the needs of the work.
• Data collection using the Dashboard and the latest technical methods, providing reports that contain accurate information, which aims to facilitate the work procedures and helps to organize and distribute tasks electronically, to support decision-making process.
• Providing a comprehensive information base of academic and administrative data and information which can be used to distribute tasks and increases benefits to the faculty members, staff, students and society.
• Maintenance and technical support for self service systems
• Preparing the annual report of the department.
• Prepare and implement the annual plan of the department after its approval.
• Document systems and their manuals.

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