Information Technology Center
Vision & Goals

About the Center

IT Center is the technical foundation of the University of Jeddah, where it was established by administrative decree issued in 26/1/1438 AH , the center works on automating the mangemaent and financial transactions in the university sectors electronically. It provides an information structure that keeps abreast of developments in various fields and provides the service seekers with the necessary information for decision making

Our Message

Providing outstanding technical services that enhance education, research, community service and administrative activities at Jeddah University through specialized staff, efficient operations and modern systems.

Our Goals

1. Supporting the academic, research, management and financial process in all sectors of the university.
2. Providing university staff with information that supports and facilitates decision making.
3. Providing an information infrastructure that keeps up with developments in various fields.
4. Automating management and financial transactions in the university sectors electronically.

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